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  • 20161025_100704

    SWAA Network West Africa

    In anticipation of the 1st SWAA Network West Africa at the Wheatbaker Lagos on the 28th November, SWAA profiled Spa InterContinental at InterContinental Hotel Lagos. The spa offers a variety of treatments with natural ingredients and a tranquil ambience perfect for finding calm in the busy metropolis that is Lagos.

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  • Naatal, digital media brand talks spa and wellness with SWAA’s founder and President Mrs. Elaine Okeke-Martin

    Naatal is a new global media brand celebrating contemporary African fashion, music, arts and society. Their exclusive editorial content profiles the brightest designers, storytellers, tastemakers and cultural revolutionaries, both on and off the continent. With this in mind they recently interviewed our founder and president Elaine Okeke-Martin to talk all things

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